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Rustic Modern Organizing Vessels, 6 and 8”

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These sleek, modern conical shaped cotton woven vessels are beautiful as decor and for storing essentials such as kitchen utensils, office supplies, and makeup brushes. Modern neutral  colors and blocked stitching.

Purchase individually or as a matched set for organized living with that  tranquil feeling that comes from grey tones.

  • Small approximately 6.5" Diameter x 6" High
  • Large approximately 7.5" Diameter x 8" High

Handcrafted in California from a heavy 100% natural, sustainable cotton cord and sewn in a coiling method that results in a flexible textile that is stiff enough to hold its shape. 

Because each basket is individually made, no two are exactly alike. Slight variations occur in stitching. Sizes may also vary slightly.

Please allow up to three days for us to ship your product.

Spot clean. Complete care instructions here.

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