Care Instructions


Many of our pieces are 100% cotton and some are a blend of cotton and black nylon. The nylon can be rinsed clean with soap and water. The cotton is beautiful, sustainable and all natural. It is also very absorbent. Just like your favorite white T-Shirt, cotton can get dirty. 

Our raw cotton contain no chemicals that many manufacturers typically use to prevent staining but they still can be cleaned easily.

The best way to clean spots is with cool water, a toothbrush and baking soda – natures original cleanser. Scrub clean and rinse well. 

If you have a really stubborn stain, you can try a stain remover or laundry soap diluted with water. One small drop of soap to 1/2 cup of cool water.  Do not put the soap directly on the cotton. Apply diluted soap mixture to cotton with a clean toothbrush or rag. Don't be afraid to scrub! These baskets are durable. Rinse well with cool water.

Occasionally, soap can leave a slight discoloration or yellowing after drying. This is why baking soda is the better alternative. If this does happen, you can harness the power of Mother Nature — the sun!  Drying the baskets in direct sunlight can fade discoloration from soap. If it's not a sunny day, discoloration can also be removed with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar (and some elbow grease) directly after cleaning with the diluted soap mixture or after it has dried. Repeat this step if discoloration is still visible after drying. 

You are responsible for the care of the pieces you purchase and we are not held liable if damages occur from improper care.



All the linen is OEKO-TEX certified. The OEKO-TEX organization tests our products for over 100 harmful toxins and chemicals before approving them for public use.

Wash and dry as normal. For less wrinkles, remove from dryer while still damp and smooth out the fabric or let air dry. Pressing is optional depending on if you like a crisp finish or a rumpled look.