Structured 11 by 11 Inch Round Rustic Modern Woven Floor Basket For Planters and Storage at Home and Office

Sturdy Floor Basket with tassel for Planters or Storage

Regular price $175.00

This striking  black-bottomed, handmade cotton rope basket adds a modern flair to your favorite large plant for home or office. Great for a quick clean up of the kids toys (or even Fido's toys). Modern, simple and full of texture — perfect!

Fits a 10" potted plant. Nylon black bottom for easy clean up and no worries about water leaks. Includes tassel with wooden beads.

  • 11" diameter x 11" tall

Handcrafted in California from cotton and nylon and sewn in a coiling method that results in a flexible textile that is stiff enough to hold its shape. 

Because each basket is individually made, no two are exactly alike. Slight variations occur in stitching. Sizes may also vary slightly.

Please allow up to three days for us to ship your product.

Spot clean. Complete care instructions here.

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